Self-Powered Longs Peak Project


With Longs Peak being of close-enough proximity to Boulder to ride to by bike and back, the mountain has been a long-term focus of mine in the realm of Longs Peak duathlons.

Summiting Longs Peak every month of the year in succession by a different route is the Longs Peak Project. Adding an approach to the trailhead and back from Boulder, CO is the currently unrealized Self-Powered Longs Peak Project.

2023/2024 Progress

All Self-Powered Longs Peak Trips*

*as best as I can compile so apologies for any mistakes

Notable firsts, accomplishments and interesting facts

  • Most Lifetime Longs Peak Duathlons: ~46
  • First Known Winter Longs Peak Duathlon: 3/12/14
  • Most Winter Longs Peak Duathlons: ~13
  • Most Varied Routes used to Summit during a Longs Peak Duathlon:
  • FKT Longs Peak Duathlon via Keyhole, strictly following the trail (no shortcuts below treeline):
  • Most Longs Duathlon Radical Slams: 3;
    • First/Only/Fastest Known Longs Peak Duathlon Radical Slam (Radical Slam summits Longs Peak as well as Estes Cone, Battle Mountain, Mt. Lady Washington, Storm Peak, Pagoda Mountain, and Mt. Meeker): 7/19/2014
  • First to complete the Longs Peak Duathlon from each of the three main trailheads:
  • Closest to finishing the Self Powered Longs Peak Project: (summit Longs Peak by a different route, for every month of the year, open project) in 2016:
    • August: Cables
    • September: Keyhole
    • October: Radical Slam
    • November: Trough Direct to Southwest Ridge
  • First to tick a Duathlon in every month of the year (lifetime grid)
  • Longest time to summit Longs Peak by bike, leaving and returning to the same location:
    • 34+ days, 2014
    • 60+ days; 2017