Mountain Trip Safety: What I Do Before I Go

Storm over Grays and Torreys

I’ve put myself into some pretty stupid situations of my own making. It’s sometimes amazing even to me that I’ve gotten out of a few of them relatively unscathed. Like that one time I thought it would be absolutely brilliant to ride from Denver pedaling a completely overloaded trailer-laden bike with all my gear, then make my camp on top of a ridgeline at 13,000′ where an old mining road ended, 60 miles later:

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Longs Peak Duathlon: Northwest Gully

Aspens Leaves and the La Sportiva Blizzard GTX

A good trip to Longs Neníisótoyóú’u on Columbus Indigenous Peoples Day. Left around 3:30am feeling fairly languid, but psyched enough to push up James Canyon/Overland Rd. (St. Vrain is essentially closed to bikes for construction). It’s a steeper route with more elevation gain, but it’s also actually shorter by a few miles. It’s also quieter – and there’s a few miles of well-sealed gravel at the top, what’s not to like?

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