Continuing Our Conversation With The Long Ranger: The Greens and Blues 14er Podcast

Loveland Pass

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My thanks to both Eric and Zach for having me on their Colorado 14er-related podcast. The podcast is aimed at sharing insights and stories of some of the easier routes on 14ers, but they thought it would be fun to have me on as well, even though I described the routes I take more being of the, “Double Black Diamond and Skull/Crossbones” variety. This is the second part of our conversation (part one can be found here):

Zach and Eric continue chatting with the Long Ranger, Justin Simoni. Justin shares the highlights of some more of his biggest expeditions, and reveals his favorite 14er!

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Some more photos from the vault: before the Bustang service was a thing in Colorado, that allows you to take public transportation throughout Colorado mountain towns, I would take multi-day rides to events, like bike races. In 2013, I rode to Salida to take part in a gravel grinder – yeah: I’ve been doing those types of races for over a decade!

Loveland Pass
Loveland Pass

The trailer I hauled had all my camping gear, snowshoes, hiking BOOTS, and a few other things I deemed necessary. I took a few days to ride to Salida, then rest a day, then did the 200km race (got third). The next day I rode to the Mt. Shavano TH and summited Shavano and Tabeguache – one of the first bike to hike trips I took, and one of the trips that started drafting how I would do a similar trip to summit ALL the 14ers in Colorado, not a year later.

Summit of Shavano
Summit of Shavano
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