Training Journal: 3/20/23 – 3/26/23


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A tough week, as I was trying to recover from the sub 48 hour trip up Keplinger’s Couloir on Longs Peak (riding a bike there and back, of course), while also trying to maintain and if at all possible, build upon my fitness for my Loveland/Hoosier Pass Traverse trip I want to be ready to do within a few days notice. These types of constraints are frustrating and stressful.



A well-deserved rest, after 3 days on, including a Longs Peak Summit. Perhaps the bigger impact than the hours in the saddle and on the feet was the lack of good sleep for two days.


Bouldering @ Movement, 1 hr

A pretty fun, and playful session. I knew I wasn’t going to be 100%, so didn’t have too many solid goals in mind. Worked on a V6 for just a little while, and surprised myself with a top. The problem featured a 2 finger pocket that really limited how many times I could try the problem, as my fingers were not happy. Certainly was finishing the problem – although fingers were sore afterwards (and I took the next day off), don’t think I injured anything. One and done problem, unless I can figure out how to completely avoid that hold.

The rest of the session I just goofed around: climbing V0’s and V1’s with one hand, trying to dyno from the start hold to the finish – stuff like that.

Spin, 1 hour

Certainly a recovery spin. This week of training is going to look fairly boring, as I used the spin bike every single day afterwards. Spinning is something I can have fine control over (making it easy not to overdo things), and feel I can recover from very quickly.


Spin, 1 hr

Felt much better


Bouldering @ Movement, 1 hr

A particularly crappy session. Although last weekend’s misadventures probably impacted me a bit, it really shouldn’t have this much. Flailed on a V3 on the 45 for much of the session, and never got it, then tried a slabby V5 until I flipped the first foot chip, rendering the problem impossible (for me). Grumble-grumble… Consolation was a few V4s on the 45 that felt far easier than the V3. Anyways – any day I’m not walking with a cane, I’m happy.

Spin, 1 hr


Bouldering @ Movement, 1hr

Another session at less than 100%. Two V5s that were quite the fight. Love the new set that’s been put up, but I just have to get into my groove.

Spin, 1hr


Spin, 2 hrs


Green Mountain

Thought I’d actually get out on the trails and get some air. One of the reasons I’ve stayed inside is 1: the weather has been particularly crappy and 2: my nose is incredibly sunburnt to the point of almost blistering, so I thought I’d give it a bit of a rest from the sun’s rays. Felt pretty great, but kept things rather chill.

Spin, 1 hr

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