Tour of the Highest Hundred

July 2017 – September 2017. Solo + Self-Supported. Unrepeated.

The Hundred Highest Colorado Peaks, ridden to by bike; summited on foot, completely Self-Powered and Self-Supported: in 60 days or less

Weaving a path of singletrack, 4×4 tracks, country and dirt roads, the Tour of the Highest Hundred project takes the path less pedaled to gain the base of ALL the Colorado Centennial Mountains by bike, then summit those peaks by foot in one enormous self-powered, peak bagging Grand Tour.

Take on the Challenge

On Thunder Pyramid Peak
On Thunder Pyramid Peak

This challenge is open to anyone.

There is no entry fee, support, registration, and certainly no prize money. This challenge is run as self-timed Individual time trial.

Contact me if you would like share your intentions

Self-Powered and Self-Supported

Cinnamon Pass, minutes before destroying my front wheel
Cinnamon Pass, minutes before destroying my front wheel

No motor vehicles are allowed to be used, no outside assistance will be accepted, no support crew will be following. The simplified rules to abide by are as follows:

  • Self-Powered, and Self-Supported
  • No outside crew or support – do everything yourself
  • Resupply in town, using only public resources available to all
  • Follow ALL Wilderness rules and regulations, Leave no Trace

The complete set of Rules of the Tour of the Highest Hundred can be found here

These types rules and this standard of going about a challenge is par for the course in Fastest Known Time, human powered challenges.


NE Ridge Direct, Capitol Peak
NE Ridge Direct, Capitol Peak

One of the goals of Tour of the Highest Hundred was to trail blaze a competitive precedent for this particular challenge, and invite others to try it themselves. It’s also hoped that people will be generally inspired to try and use bicycles to access more hiking and climbing areas near to where they live, as I do myself.

Climbing the Highest Hundred Peaks in Colorado is the next-level in peak bagging goals after finishing the Colorado 14ers, which I have already done in the exact same style (approach by bike, summit by foot) in 34 days in 2014. This project will essentially double that adventure!

The last half of the peaks found on the Centennials list can be:

  • more remote
  • more technical
  • less visited

When compared to the more popular 14ers, which comprise the first half of the Colorado Centennial list.


2017 Trip Reports + Notes

Summit of Jagged Mountain

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