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From Skurka’s 110 testimonials from our 2019 guided trips

Absolutely fantastic trip! My guides, Mike and Justin were extremely knowledgeable and great fun to travel with. The education that I received during the planning phase and throughout the hike completely changed the scope of the routes that I am comfortable with attempting.

Dan B

I’ve been studying Andrew Skurka’s methods for years, and this guided trip was the perfect practical application of all of those things. The route was well planned, well executed, and was in no small part due to the quality and expertise of the guides. Mike Clelland and Justin Simoni made us all feel at ease, and were very aware of the demands and conditions of our route in the Rockies. I’d come on any trip with Andrew and the many guides who have dedicated their lives to this cause. I felt like I could stay out for days longer and have the tools and support to be safe if needed.

Zachary G

Traveling through Gates of the Arctic NP with Andrew and Justin in the summer of 2019 was one of the most EPIC things I’ve even done. The trip was hard, it was challenging, and it was physically and emotionally demanding. But it was also adventurous, breathtaking, and life fulfilling… plus we saw wild wolves. Andrew has a wonderful way of cranking up the adventure factor, pushing to the boundaries of his crew, and giving everyone the experience of a lifetime. I will keep going on Andrews trips as long as he will keep accepting my applications. He excels when it comes to pulling together a group of fit killer athletes and taking them to wild places to do hard things. Thanks Andrew, and team!

Sonja W

The Alaska trip was well worth with it – Andrew and Justin gave us a safe but challenging, first class adventure through some of the world’s wildest terrain.

Wes T
Gates of the Arctic, National Park and Preserve