Milner/Berthoud Pass Continental Divide Ridge Traverse – Vanishing Point

Pauite's North Ridge, one of the crux's of the route

Milner Pass, Wednesday August 12th, midnight
Milner Pass, Wednesday August 12th, midnight

Update: Trip Narrative is up.

The mountains along the Continental Divide provide the backdrop to the city I live in: Boulder, CO. From town, nothing can be seen beyond their sheer, rocky, glacier-choked east faces and the ridgeline itself invites one to come explore their craggy features, beacoup exposure, and long expanses of carpeted-in-tundra plateaus.

From Milner Pass located in Rocky Mountain National Park, and Berthoud Pass closer to I-70, one will find over 50 named points and peaks. These passes are about 45 miles apart as the crow flies. No other paved roads are found between these two passes and no other roads – paved or otherwise, can be crossed via motor vehicles. The rest is mostly National Park and Designated Wilderness. The wandering ridge, if followed exactly at its apex, is around 75-80 miles long.

Continental Divide, between Milner Pass and Berthoud Pass
Continental Divide, between Milner Pass and Berthoud Pass

I was surprised to find in my research that there hasn’t been a recorded report of anyone traversing this section of ridge proper by foot. This seems extremely hard to believe, as the concentration of runners, backpackers, mountaineers, and world-class climbers in the area is very high, and the line itself is obvious. It takes a special blend of ultra-running fitness and technical climbing skill to be able to safely traverse the ridge.

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Self-Powered Longs Peak Project

Chasm Junction, Longs Peak


With Longs Peak being of close-enough proximity to Boulder to ride to by bike and back, the mountain has been a long-term focus of mine in the realm of Longs Peak duathlons.

Summiting Longs Peak every month of the year in succession by a different route is the Longs Peak Project.

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Mosquito/Tenmile Range Traverse

The Fletcher - Atlantic Traverse in the Mosquito/Tenmile Range

Summer, 2018. Solo + Unsupported. Unrepeated.


The Mosquito/Tenmile Range in Colorado runs south to north between Buena Vista and Frisco, CO. Inspired by Peter Bakwin’s nearly futuristic vision and attempts to traverse the entire ridgeline from Weston Pass (outside of Leadville, CO) to the Mount Royal trailhead, I awoke early Saturday morning from my bivy underneath a tree at Trout Creek Pass, 30+ miles to the south to start on, “The Line”.

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Tour of the Highest Hundred

My whip.

July 2017 – September 2017. Solo + Self-Supported. Unrepeated.

The Hundred Highest Colorado Peaks, ridden to by bike; summited on foot, completely Self-Powered and Self-Supported: in 60 days or less

Weaving a path of singletrack, 4×4 tracks, country and dirt roads, the Tour of the Highest Hundred project takes the path less pedaled to gain the base of ALL the Colorado Centennial Mountains by bike, then summit those peaks by foot in one enormous self-powered, peak bagging Grand Tour.

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