Guide for the Sangre de Cristo Range Traverse Released

The Sangres!

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My trips into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to traverse over from Salida to the start of Lake Como Road are some of my all time favorite projects. The terrain is nothing short of some of the most difficult I’ve found in Colorado, but the route in total has also been some of the most fulfilling. It’s extremely hard to succinctly describe what this route is all about and what to expect if one wants to attempt a trip themselves. Now — finally I’ve been able to collate my notes from almost 5 years of mapping, dreaming, and doing and have put out a guide of my own:

Long Ranger’s Field Notes to the Sangre de Cristo Range Traverse

Along with the new Caltopo Map, one can get a start at planning their own traverse attempt.

Putting out a guidebook is hard, and this guide is going to be a work in progress for perhaps the rest of its existence. It’s currently as rough as the terrain it tries to describe. I never wanted to create a turn-by-turn guidebook of the Traverse, as I want to keep some of the secrets and surprises for only those who put boots on the ground.


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