2019 Salsa Journeyman Apex 1 700c OEM Replacement Parts List

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For the 2019 Salsa Journeyman Apex 1 700c build.

Comments/Corrections certainly welcomed.


SRAM PG-1130 11-Speed 11-42 Cassette

  • UPC: 710845782961

Purchase REI | Amazon

Do NOT get the, “NX” version. 2019 Journeyman has a very traditional/old school 135mm QR hub and DOES NOT use a SRAM XD or XDR driver.

Chainring: X-Sync Asymmetric BCD (40t, 110 BCD)

  • UPC: 710845804496

Purchase: Worldwide Cyclery | Universal Cycles | Amazon

As well as the 110 BCD, make sure this is the asymmetric chain pattern. This is a narrow/wide chain ring.

SRAM PC-1130 11-Speed Chain

  • UPC: 710845775116

Purchase: REI | Backcountry | Amazon

Chain works for all 11-speed groupsets, even Apex 1x.

OEM spec is actually 1110, but this chain is most likely easier to source. Many 11sp chains from SRAM are so similar to each other, your LBS isn’t going to stock them all.

SRAM PowerLock 11-Speed Chain Connector

  • UPC: 744288193251

Purchase: REI | Backcountry | Amazon

11sp chains will come with this, but I usually have at least one of these in the repair kit just in case something destructive happens.

Bottom Bracket

GXP Team Bottom Bracket, English Threads (73/68mm wide)

  • UPC: 710845646188

Purchase: University Bicycles | Amazon


Park Tool BBT-9 Bottom Bracket Wrench (External Bearing)
  • UPC: 763477000491

Purchase: University Bicycles | Amazon


  • Neither of the included spacers need to be installed.
  • Drive side threads are reverse-threaded.
  • A cover/sleeve is found on the drive-side bearing, and often this sleeve sticks to the crank – make sure to pull it off before you install.
  • The cover on the non-drive side is splined, so put the crank arm in, before installing the non-drive side cover
  • No crompression washer
  • Torque for the crank arm is ~48 nm.


Shimano BRT615 (B01S) Resin Disc Brake Pads

Purchase REI | Amazon

The TRP Spyre-C brakes require these (or compat.) pads. Resin pads are not my preference, but I haven’t seen alts. in stock for a long, long while.


Shimano B03S is a compatible/drop in replacement for the B01S brake pad and supposedly has better longevity/performance.

As B03S beget B01S, so did B05S beget B03S. Go with B05S moving forward.

Purchase REI


You’ll need a ratcheting torque wrench to install the crank – something that can go up to 50 nm. A Park Tool Ratcheting Torque Wrench – TW-6.2 will do the job (the smaller/cheaper 5.2 will not).


Derailleur Hanger

These two hangers are basically exactly the same, do the exact same job, in the exact same way. I do like the red anodized version of the Pilo (looks pretty).

Wheels Manufacturing Hanger 25

Purchase: Amazon

Pilo D16

Purchase: Amazon


Journeyman comes with Teravail Cannonballs, which I found severely lacking when it comes to durability and don’t suggesst – it’s turned me off to the entire brand. I would chose a different tire. The wheels are supposedley tubeless compatible, but may need to be taped correctly and will need a tubeless-compat. tire.

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