Training Journal: 8/2/21 – 8/8/21

Air Quality from Boulder Reservoir

A challenging week to get in a good workout! I signed up to work the Boulder Half-Ironman and cater a wedding – a lot of 8+ hour days, mostly standing up and moving awkward + heavy things. With the smoke engulfing the entire western part of the country, it was a struggle to even want to get out:

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Magicshine Monteer 6500S Zeus Unboxing + Initial Impressions

The Magicshine Monteer 6500S light unit

I’ve used incredibly bright lights, but the Monteer 6500S Zeus by is in a completely different class! Pushing out a max of 6500 lumens, this light not only betters any other bicycle light I’ve ever used, it rivals many car headlights!

I’ll be using and testing this light in the coming weeks and sharing what I’ve learned. Make sure to follow me:

to be notified. This post will be going over what you’ll get in the box, and some commentary of the what and the why of things.

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