Training Journal: 2/6/23 – 2/12/23

Good coffee makes an excellent motivator to get up that hill

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Bouldering @ Movement 1hr

A little rough, if you can belief that after almost 100 miles in the saddle on Sunday.


Bouldering @ Movement 1.5hr

A bit better, today. Topped a V6 and V7 on the new set (vertical). Probably a little soft, or I’m just better on vert rather than overhanging – I’m plenty strong, just you know: these legs.

Spin, 1hr


Ultimate Direction Athlete’s Summit Day 1

Exxel, the parent company of Ultimate Direction and some other brands you may have heard of (Kelty, Sierra Designs) held their first Athlete’s Summit post-Covid. This is an incredible opportunity for athletes on the team to actually meet up face to face, talk to the product designers/developers, and talk shop. Other than grabbing some new gear, giving feedback on what we’d like to see in the future, and getting a sneak peek at what’s on the hopper, I gathered a HUGE amount of inspiration and stoke for what I want to accomplish this year. It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to be able brush elbows with some of these incredible athletes.

Justin (me), Jason (Schlarb), and Jeff (Colt)
J (attack!): Justin (me), Jason (Schlarb), and Jeff (Colt). Not pictured: John (Kelly)


Ultimate Direction Athlete’s Summit Day 2

I opted to not participate in the sunrise run – it was 20 degrees out and I was 15 miles away by bike (lame excuses), I still road out again for film/photos.

Longs Peak rising up from the plains is always an inspiring sight!
Longs Peak rising up from the plains is always an inspiring sight!

Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

I hadn’t planned on doing anything today, except the athlete summit, but I got out earlier than I thought was going to, so went to the gym. New set up on the vertical wall, which took most of my attention. Topped a tricky V6, and that took most of my energy, though I tried to redirect some of it on undone V6’s on another wall. Marginal improvement, but a top will need to wait.


Nederland Ride

Nice ride to Ned on the Journeyman – starting to feel like my old self and maybe that means a Winter Longs Peak Duathlon, soon. Started out in Gunbarrel as I’m watching a kitten out there, and made my way to the beginning of the Left Hand Canyon climb via series of gravel roads ala Old Man Winter Rally. Took the James Canyon fork to Jamestown, then up towards Overland Road – a steep thrutch for sure. All worth it for the Brainard Lake area views replete with dream-like snowy peaks – always amazed I’ve been on the summit of almost all of them, then onto the Peak to Peak Highway to Nederland. Was thinking about a side quest to climb up something that could be snow-free, but felt pretty worked after everything, so just a quick bop for a cortado and a slice of pie at Salto, then down via Magnolia, Pine Glade (whoops!), and underbiking 68J – which is always a hoot. Rode 68J fairly competent despite the melting snow and even passed a Jeeper with a somewhat cautious driver that absolutely was in trouble if he decided to go farther than the spot he was stuck at. Down Flagstaff, up Flagstaff, then down again to Baseline – opted not to take Chapman as that looked like too much good trouble, too late in the day on too little of a bike. Rode home for noodles, then back to Gunbarrel to watch the kitten.

Good coffee makes an excellent motivator to get up that hill
Good coffee makes an excellent motivator to get up that hill
Kelly the Kitten
Kelly the Kitten



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