Training Journal: 2/13/23 – 2/19/23

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Green Mountain

Quick bop. I’ve been working on keeping the HR in Z2, which is a fairly impossible task to ask a 190lb dude who’s hiking 2500′ of elevation gain in 1.75 miles but nevertheless he persists. Lots of stopping and checking my breath/HR – I’ll have remember to remember to wear a HRM to double check my gut feelings, as I’m sure my HR is still too high. But, this will be the theme for most runs/rides and I won’t be noting every time I’m doing Z2, as it’ll be most every time.



First run on flat ground on the road for the year! Maybe it’ll be the last (slightly kidding). Ran to/from the gym on a particularly cold, snowy day in which I didn’t want to ride a bike.

Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Topped a particularly soft V8 – mostly good holds far apart from each other, and bad feet. Skipped the last hand hold, which kind of changes things – may go back and try the problem while utilizing this last hold, as it does change the difficulty of the problem, however contrived this sentence and problem are becoming.


Spin Bike, 2hrs

I’ve redeveloped the endurance and fortitude to spin at a constant cadence at Z2 for now: TWO hours. Send help.


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hrs

Worked mostly on a V7 featuring very very small crimps and tricky footwork. Those handholds were starting to get painful, but I managed to figure out the problem in two parts. Unfortunately I kinda ran out of oomph to pull it all together and my finger tips protested. Going to rest up a few days and put a stamp on that one.

Green Mountain

Temps in the 50’s made for some slushy trails down low – seems a little early for that. Good time romping in the snow.


Spin Bike, 2 hrs

Oh gawd these get boring, but I’m 5 years behind the times and I’ve just discovered Breaking Bad, so it’s been at least a little entertaining despite the actual monotony.


Green x2

Nice day out on the hill, albeit a little cooler and a lot more windier than I was expecting. Second lap had me dragging a bit on the up – trudging through all that snow certainly sucks the energy out of the leg batteries (also certainly felt the spin sess from last night), but felt pretty alright again on the downhill.

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