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The country side looks much like this: fields of wheat for however long you can see. In the distance, you’ll see a church steeple or a water tower and you’ll know you’re close to town. Towns start abruptly and end just as abruptly – sometimes only lasting a block – and then, more fields of wheat.

3 Responses to “Go.”

  1. Indeed, I have! Like porcupines and what look like ferrets and the littlest, prettiest birds, and SEAGULLS! Sometimes snakes. The roadkill here is extraordinary. The drivers are insane and pass with about a finger’s width of air between us – while traffic the other way rushes towards both of us, but they always manage to pull it off, which is incredible. Traffic seems the worst a little before 7, when everyone is rushing to get bread and wine for dinner. They don’t wave, but I wave and say, “Bonjour” to every single cyclist I see. Those are my people. Hey, tell me if you get email replies to this (I have no idea if you do)

  2. woah, I dont get them, I just found this reply and got excited. I dont have a special bloggy thing. though it sounds like funny road kill, I would be sad about the birds. you should take pictures of the road kill for me, only the really colorfull stuff. (thats werid)I cant wait till you get back and I can make you tell me more stories, with hand gestures and visial aids…