Il ne fonctionne pas.

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RIP iPod. If an iPod cruds out within a year, free replacement, no? We’ll see. Sigh. I didn’t *really* think of putting music on it, but 25 minutes before catching the flight, I put a few theme albums on for fun. Maybe 10 in all.

And I’ve listened to them almost continuously, to the point of insanity. And now, funnily, I miss the music that I can’t play. The silver lining is that I know all the songs, *ALL* the songs by heart, so I’m rolling through these little French towns towards Paris singing songs out of tune. There’s your image for today.

Yesterday, the art station had Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars movie playing, which is amazing in of itself. He ends the entire Ziggy Stardust everything with a cover of White Light, White Heat. Hot.

My legs are extremely spent, but there’s nothing between myself in Paris to check out, so it’s just slow going until right before and then find someplace secret.

Last night, I figured the descent in and was pleasantly surprised that it should be easy enough, both getting in and getting out. I’m barely in Paris – I think across the street is a different town. It’s also fairly close to the airport and I think I can find a road that isn’t a HW with the maps I have. The only thing I need is a velo shop that has a bike box.

Today, I happened upon another tourer, with his bike upside-down and himself with a wrench. I asked if he was OK and he said the wheel was a little whobbly. So, I stopped and tried to help.

We got the wheel a little better and I did my best to explain how to true a wheel (not that I’m an expert), but it’s a good, “Yeah, this has happened to me, too” experience and I was happy that I could finally help someone, as a lot of people ask for help and I’m clueless on what to do.

He was from Belgium on his way to Bordeaux. 5th day. His bike was pretty old. Rusted rim, with little dimples on the braking area, which means it’s old and also made of steel (heavy, not as strong). Bonne Route! To him.

15 minutes later, I happened upon a little bird in the middle of the road. Aww, man.


So, I had to stop and see what the matter was. It was a young bird – I think some sort of pheasant. I picked it up and moved it to the side of the road, and looked for a mother, but not trees, really in sight. I left some crumbs from my breakfast, not thinking it would really help matters, and sadly, rode off.

I guess sometimes you can try and help a little and something you can try and help a little, but it doesn’t really help the inevitable.

Some photos of the portal of the cathedral in Reims, taken at midnight:



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15 years ago

holy crap! theirs a church in detroit that must be copying that one, on the outside. its really similar, but the one in detroit is all green now. I’m sorry about your bird, it’s really pretty. I hate seeing wounded birds. I hope it makes it. good luck on your last legs.(!)(?)