Praxis – 10/23/20

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Not at all inspired by Semi-Rad’s Fridays Inspiration (not at all, nope), I started to collect some things that I found inspiring throughout the week out there as well – and we can all use something to motivate us:

Dave Graham’s send of this bizarre route was, I thought: quite creative. Dave’s my age (about) and it’s nice to see someone continually push their own limits:

Local Boulder buddies Christin and Craig went on a trip to do the Kasparov Traverse: a series of towers that are found on the ridgeline between Shoshoni and Apache Peak.

just a little exposure.

I’ve crossed this ridge many times – including on my Milner/Berthoud Pass adventure, but have only summited some of the easier towers by accident! One day I’ll get up there to do the actual tower-bagging.

Stefan and Wade hold the FKT for the Casual Route on the Diamond TH to TH! A short video was released of their time on the big rock. I video-bombed them on the First @ around 4:00 in, showing off my mad mime skills:

An oldie but a goodie, I really enjoyed this story of two dudes that just went for the Longs Peak Triathlon, while fitting it into their work schedules:

[webp-to-jpg output image]
maybe a little exposed here, too.

I just don’t know what my excuse is anymore!

Carlo’s FA of his new 5.15a is impressive and I am humbled by his amazing range of climbing styles,

His past project of sending a V14, a 5.14 and a 14,000′ peak via a hard line is also one of my favorites,

Alright! That’s it! Pray for snow, OK? Colorado could use it.

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