Basque Symbols

While I’m still here, Some strange Basque signage:

Basque Swastika made out of Jai alai Baskets. So strange.

It’s a Basque Swastika made out of Jai alai Baskets. The Basque culture, like MANY cultures uses a swastika like symbol – no sure exactly what the basque type means. “Jai Alai” (or the basque term for the same game” means, “Merry Game”. I see a lot of the same symbol on pottery – where it’s more of a flowy, flowery type of design – but I’ve never seen a 4 pedal flower. Strange!

One Response to “Basque Symbols”

  1. Hi Justin!

    The basque 'swastika' is called a lauburu; it's drawn with curled petal shapes instead of straight angles – I guess you could call it a 4 petaled flower!

    It represents for many the four elements, for some the four winds/4directions; but for all nowadays, it's a symbol of Basque pride and identity – I think using the xistera (baskets) is perfect!