Training Journal: 3/28/22 – 4/3/22

Green Mountain Moss

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Bike Commuting (20 miles)


Bike Commuting (20 miles)


Bouldering @ Movement, hours

New set up on the more vertical walls! Pretty tricky problems, but the grading is kinda off (mostly soft). Got a V7 in about two tries, which is real suspect. I worked most on a V5, which sported a tricky and reachy grab to a sloper. Good problem.


Green Mountain

Good run, until a tweaked my ankle in a weird way, and ended up with sprain? Feet are weird. Probably sprained it on my longer weekend run last week and didn't notice it until now. Rats. My shoes are getting a little old and the midsole seems a little crushed. I may have to do something about that!


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Good session, but not too too much completed. Had a ton of fun, though.

Spin Bike, hour

A run sounded like a bad idea, but this got me at least a little sweaty.


Green Mountain

A quick run up Green. I was quite worried that this was a particularly bad idea, as my foot felt very sprained, but decided to try taking things easy. I don't subscribe with complete rest for sprains. I did wear my Ultra Raptor II Mids, to gain me a little bit of ankle support. Visited the local waterfall. It's fallin'!


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Good session, but not too much new completed. Felt real strong when warming up on the 45 degree wall for whatever reason. Was going to do some strength but: meh.

Green Mountain

Third time for the week. A good decompress. Foot feels better, but certainly not 100%.

Gear of the Week: La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II GTX

La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II GTX
La Ultra Raptor II GTX

See my full post about these shoes. Happy to have these in my quiver too allow me to do a lap of Green, even with a touchy ankle sprain. the added eyelets and cuff which just enough to give me the ankle support I needed.

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