Training Journal: 9/6/21 – 9/12/21

Crux of the Oklahoma/Massive traverse

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Second and Third Flatiron

Fun easy time in the hills. Free for All, then up the Third. Met someone that asked for help getting down from the third via the usual downclimb and I was happy to help. Then as we got to the usual rappel landing, someone needed help getting their rope unstuck from the summit, so back I went up to do this dude a favor.


Climbing @ Movement, 2 hours

Worked on a really cool problem – every move seemed low percentage to me. Not very steep – almost a slab, I’m intrigued. It was put up ungraded (later set to V7).


Ride out of Leadville

Ride out is pretty easy. Trailhead is closed to cars, so I had a pretty quiet time camping right off the trail. Bikes for the win!


Half Moon Complete Revolution: Elbert to Massive the Hard Way

~16,000′ elevation gain/loss in 22h 50min (or so), so a fairly large day.

Summit of Mt. Elbert
Summit of Mt. Elbert


Elbert/Half Moon TH -> Leadville

Track didn’t record but oh well. Got up early and ride back to the Leadville to catch the series of buses to make it back home. Took around 35 minutes from the start of CR 5 to the coffee shop.


Flatirons Climbing Council Volunteer Trail Work

Off to Der Zerkle we went, carrying fence posts. I made three trips from the water tower to the base of Touch Monkey, then helped with piling rocks up onto the smaller posts.

Bouldering @ Movement, 1 hour

Spend the session trying to complete the tricky V7 I started the session earlier. Finally sent it, but destroyed my skin in the process. I’ll have the let it heal a few days before climbing again.



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