Fastest Known Podcast #12 Justin Simoni

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In 2014 Justin Simoni, the “Long Ranger”, bicycled to all 58 of Colorado’s 14,000’ summits, climbed them, then biked to the next in 34+ days. In 2017 he upped the standard and in 60 straight days did the “Highest Hundred” (summits in CO) in the same self-powered, self-supported style. And his background is an artist, not an athlete.

“I look back and wonder, ‘Did I really do these things?'”

Listen to Justin’s thoughtful discussion on “When is it too much?”, and how to determine “Where to draw the line?”.

“Something is always going to go wrong. So just anticipate that as being part of the challenge. This just isn’t a physical challenge. Who’s going to stop you? Just your mind.”

And lastly, what’s the difference between an FKT, an “OKT”, and Justin’s speciality, the “WTF”?




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