Mile High Urban CX Chaos EXTREME!!!

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Denver finally hosted its own CX race, in my old neighborhood, even – I’ve lived on both 36th/Marion and 35/Brighton.

I got to the scene late – even though my race was at 1:20pm or something (1: I can’t count, and 2: I sleep in), and found myself sprinting to the start line still in my jeans, with pockets filled with loose change, my phone and my keys, as well as a fixed-geared bike. Well, whatever – I rolled with it (just didn’t, you know, COAST). The below video does a pretty nice job expressing the atmosphere of racing in the industrial side of town, next to the train depot. It also does a nice job making me look as if I’m competent at racing – you’ll spot me with the blue/white/red jacket, black Surly Cross Check (fixed) – mostly running, and the big beard, poking out of my grey helmet. 

Thanks for everyone that put the race together, and thanks to Icebreaker for sponsoring our team’s table, which was set up at a hairpin turn, perfect for good faith-heckling and beer handouts – as well as the unofficial single speed skidding competition (it is an urban race, after all), which garnered me the new nickname, “Si-MONEY

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