Week of March 27th – April 2nd “Training” Log – Month of March Results!

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The BIG news of the end of this month, is that I have met and completely surpassed my 1200 Miles in the Month of March Challenge! I have ridden 1331 miles this month (oooh, ominous number!) and feel pretty damn on top of things, when it comes to hauling long miles on a simple bicycle.

I am currently fund raising to help soften the impact of all the costs associated with this race: new equipment, transportation to/from the start/finish and food. Glorious amounts of food needed to be eaten en route – to say nothing for the food I’m eating while training and all the time it takes to do the training (upwards of 40 hours/week – a full time job that I don’t get paid anything to do – fit that into your schedule and feel my hurt).

Half the money I raise goes straight to the Underground Syringe Exchange of Denver – I’m just going to deliver a envelop of cash to them – no press release, no fanfare. They themselves are an entirely volunteer run organization, so all the money they receive goes to supplies. Compare that to many larger non-profit organizations, where a small – very small percentage of the money they take in goes toward actually helping the cause they stand by. It’s a different game the USED is playing, altogether and they are fighting a major uphill battle, just to be around. I’m hoping my very small contribution – with your help, will keep them going for just a little while longer.

I know it’s a tough sell to want to help out potential junkies get clean needles – and the dyadic relationship of someone getting in the highest physical form possible wanting to help someone again potentially hitting rock f’n bottom is curious at best, but everyone needs some loving to get by. I believe that no one in this world is a lost cause and everyone makes mistakes.

There’s many exemplary causes that would benefit from your help – if you have the inclination, please look into donating to the fundraising effort I’m currently doing. I’ll be ending the, “Month of March” fundraiser at the end of the first week in April. Thanks, everyone!

  • Sunday 3/27 – 41 miles
  • Monday 3/28 – Rest! 13 miles
  • Tuesday 3/29 – “Hill” repeats (6x) up Lookup Mountain, 136 miles, some absurd number of feet in elevation
  • Wednesday 3/30 – Rest! 15 miles
  • Thursday 3/31 – A very blustery 41 miles
  • Friday 4/1 – New Bike Day! – errands, no miles officially recorded
  • Saturday 3/2 –  Total Rest! 0 miles

Total Mileage: 246 miles

This week seemed like a total rest week to me, except for one go-for-everything ride up/down Lookout Mountain. Felt fine, to be honest, the next day – most of my rest days are really to continue to have some semblance of an actual life off the bike.

Friday was a New Bike Day! which I’ll get into later, if I find the time. Saturday had a planned outing, but I didn’t get up before 7:30 in the evening, even though my multiple (three) alarms were set more towards 5:00am. What can I say? I sleep in a very, very, very comfortable hammock and I may had been on the verge of a self-inflicted (or at least self-influenced) cold, so I thought best to just let my body get through that.

April I think will have smaller rides, but at a more regular schedule: Instead of a 100 miler between two rest days, they’ll be three 50 milers. I may add in running a few miles a day as well and maybe a day/week at the gym, if I can bend space and time to allow it.

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