Training Journal: 1/2/23 – 1/8/23

Longs Peak from Green Mountain

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Yoga, 1hr

An intention of mine is to gain, then maintain a reasonable amount of mobility in my hips and legs. Right now, it's a junk show. These classes are helping.

Bouldering @ Movement, 2hr

Good session – first 2hr session in a few weeks, due to some tennis elbow that seems to have mostly subsided. Topped the V7 I've been working on for the past few sessions.

Spin Bike, hr

While I'm at the gym, might as well jump on the bike, as I've got other things to do today.


Spin Bike, 1hr


Bouldering @ Movement, 1hr

Warmed up, topped the last V7 first try, moved onto another V7 and surprisingly got the first cruxy part off the bat – I had trouble in the past getting anywhere and then: tennis elbow. Second cruxy part will take some time, and I wasn't feeling too good, so cut my session short to come back tomorrow.

Spin Bike, 1 hr


Bouldering @ Movement 1. hours

Warmed up on the new set – some great vertical stuff, some crimpy so I'll have a good time when I focus on it. But I wanted to continue to work on an old V7. Got the start and the end, but couldn't stitch it up. Next time!

Spin Bike, 1 hr


Spin Bike, 1 hr


Hey: A day not spinning mindlessly indoors! A short bop up Green Mountain – I'll take it! Beautiful as always; it's a privilege to romp around on this wonderfully magical hill.

Longs Peak from Green Mountain
Peak from Green Mountain
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