Training Journal: 12/12/22 – 12/18/22

On top of the Second Pinnacle, Amphitheater

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Bouldering @ Movement: 2hr

Felt great today (finally). My warmups all turned to campusing up half the problem, so certainly felt an extra bit of power than I have in a while. Had to weigh myself to make sure I didn’t lose 10lbs! (I certainly didn’t). Could have been a bit of supercompensation from taking 2 days off from hard bouldering, through the past 3 days have 5 summits of Green Mountain and I actually came into the gym thinking I’ll just do what I can do, given I’m ultimately far from fresh.

Finally topped the V7 I was working on the past week – that extra bit of power certainly helped. Then, topped two other V6’s I couldn’t previously. Felt like a totally different person than the beginning of last week in some respects.

Did end the session with some minor tendinopathy in my right inner elbow, hopefully it’ll go away on its own without too much intervention (PT/reverse wrist curls)


Green Mountain #88

A quick bop up to beat a forecasted snow storm that seems to not want to ever appear. A bit chilly I’ll have to admit. I dropped one of my TX2 shoes on Sunday that Terry picked up after me and left at the TH. I grabbed it today and it was in good shape, except someone – or some thing stole my shoe lace?

I mean they were pretty sick laces.
I mean they were pretty sick laces.


Bouldering @Movement, 2hr

Pretty good sess tho no fireworks. Worked on a V6 and V7, both which I found were hard for me. Broken record, but I really need to work on a bit of flexibility and a heap of mobility. My problems are stemming not from strength but being able to get say: my foot up to a foothold. No surprises there, but this overlooked weakness is floating to the surface more and more – I can’t simply become stronger to overcome it. Did some stretches aprés session, but I need to create a mobility training plan for myself like some adult professional athlete.

Spin Bike, 1hr


Green #89

Another quick summit up Green for #89. A bit chilly once the sun set.

Green Mountain summit with the La Sportiva Cyklon Cross GTX
Green Mountain summit with the La Sportiva Cyklon Cross GTX


Bouldering @ Movement, 2hr

Flailing on a new set. Didn’t feel strong or weak, but certainly felt all of my 192lbs, mostly in the caboose.

Spin Bike, 1hr


Green #90 + #91

First lap up via Dodge Block – actually saw a party of three going up Free For All. May have been the first time I’ve seen any other party on that route that I wasn’t a part of, ever. I wasn’t about to wait in line, and Dodge Block has fun-enough movements for a chill lap up Green.

Second lap took me up Saddle Rock Trail, and I made a small detour onto the classic Second Pinnacle South Face, and down Second Pinnacle, NW Corner in the Amphitheater. Ugh, don’t wear a pack in that thing. Good light on the top, and killer views of the rest of the Amphitheater, and Baseline. Took the trail the rest of the way up the summit – feeling a little worked!

On top of the Second Pinnacle, Amphitheater
On top of the Second Pinnacle, Amphitheater



Considered laps on Green, but also considered maybe I should rest up, and try to recover a little bit before the last push towards 100!

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