Training Journal: 5/9/22 – 5/30/22

Columbia to Harvard Traverse

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Recently, I took a trip to the Sawatch – my first time out into the high country – or even out of Boulder, since February. The goal was to take on Slowlans: Nolans 14, but slowly! And I decided to do it as intelligently as possible, which meant taking time off beforehand and allowing myself to recover afterwards. In the end, I was able to summit 9 mountains, out of the 14 in the line – and ironically, by going slow, I actually sumitted more mountains in Nolans under 60 hours than I ever had when I tried to go fast!

Slowlans wasn’t an A-goal, it was yet another training block towards much bolder objectives. Stay tuned for a narrative/video about my Slowlans adventure *points to social media buttons*. If you’re interested in fastpacking the Nolans 14 line in whole or in part like we did, see my Slowlans Guide, which I’m still working on, and what this trip was also about. I may get out there soon again to finish up my trip.

Monday, May 9th – Friday May 13th

Rest .

Saturday, May 14th – Monday May 16th

Slowlans: Shavano-Belford

Columbia to Harvard Traverse
Columbia to Harvard Traverse

Tuesday, May 17th – Wednesday May 25th: Rest

A honest R&R block. After 42 summits of Green Mountain in 5 months and 9 14ers in 2 1/2 days, this was the correct decision to meet my goals for the rest of the summer.


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

First time in a little while back to bouldering! No real goals, except to have fun. Lots of new problems to me, so I indulged in trying everything without any real agenda. Feel relatively strong, but the skin on my fingers is not in great shape right now.

Spin Bike, 1 hour

Have to get the body moving again, somehow, so this is how I’ll do it. Again, no real goal – I cover the built-in computer because the numbers are all off, anyways.


Spin Bike 1 hour

Just needed to get out and move! So yeah, I was the loser in the gym at 10:00pm on the bike machine thing in the corner overlooking the empty gym.


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Nice to see Drew and Katie – haven’t seen Drew since our Slowlans together. Warmed up in the cave flashing some V5s, which is always surprising for someone like me that has legs of iron (must be rated soft!).

I shopped around on some V7’s I’ve been eyeing but nothing really enamored me to commit to project them. Tried the overhanging V6 as well, which features two dynos, but the skin it took off on my pinky is still too fresh to not rip off again, so I’ll have to let that one go – it comes down on Thursday.

Green Mountain

Finally, back onto the hill! A nice “quick” powerhike up – one of my fastest, but it still takes me about an hour to summit! (my fastest times are more like 38 minutes). Even though it’s very much the shortest route I know up the hill, doesn’t mean it’s not slower. Held myself back, since I’ve got many more summits to go before my next trip, and I’m honestly trying to recover, rather than perform.

Green Mountain summit number 40-summit for the year
Green Mountain summit number 40-summit for the year


Green Mountain

Easy romp up to the summit – nothing special. Got stuck in a rain shower on the way back home, which was glorious.

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