Training Journal: 4/11/22 – 4/17/22


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Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Good session. Resent a new V7, so two V7s for me in this session and many V6’s. Finished off with 12 pullups in a row. Very much a lifetime PR. My arbitrary lifetime goal has been 15 (probably because I set it when I was 15!), which now seems doable! Perhaps I should try a set of pullups more than once a month.

Later, I wandered a bit on Green for some photography, but no summit. We’ll call it, “active rest”.


Green Mountain

The usual. Real windy.


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Real great session. Left the gym with four V7 tops – two being the first time for me, and one being after only a few minutes of work at the end of a session. I also topped the tricky/slippery V6 problem I would have thought impossible when it was first put up.


Weight Training

Squats and Deadlifts, fairly light.

Freeway + Green Mountain

A quick lap with Drewbob, who I am planning to do a Nolans/Slowlans/Snowlans/Swole-lans in a month, which is an absolutely terrible idea. This was about my 300th time up Freeway, so I decided to celebrate.

On Freeway
On Freeway
Freeway Lap #300
Freeway Lap #300
Summit of Green Mountain
Summit of Green Mountain


Boulder @ Movement, 2 hours

Felt the deadlifts from the day before believe you me. Thought I’d at least try bouldering, because that’s what I like to do – as well as see how much the deadlifts affected my max efforts. Although I felt a little less than fully fresh, it was really a repeat of Wednesday’s high, plus an extra V6 I’ve only done once before. Pretty wild: hardest bouldering session I’ve ever done, and it all felt pretty relaxed. I may have to pick out a V8 to session as my climbing grade pyramid is pointing to this being something I can realistically go for.

Spin Bike, 30 minutes

Hey why not, I’m there. 30 minutes is a drop in the pan of all the cycling I did just putzing around town, but I’ll mark it here.


Green Mountain x3

A good trifecta of summits up the local hill. The second lap was up the ridge south of the South Amphitheater Pinnacle (that’s a mouthful), then onto the East Ridge of the Spy. The third was up Freeway.


Green Mountain

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. That makes it 6x for the week; 14,717′ of elevation gain in total, in only 24 miles!.

Gear of the Week: La Sportiva Akasha II

Been really loving running in the new Akasha II. Lots of cush, good grip + traction, super comfortable.

La Sportiva Akasha II
La Sportiva Akasha II
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