Training Journal: 3/7/22 – 3/13/22

Turkeys in Gregory Canyon

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Bike Commute, 10 miles


Bike Commute, 20 miles


Bouldering @ Movement, hours

New set on the overhanging wall, which is enough to completely overtake my attention. A few V5's and a V6 (seemed undercooked), and working on a V7 at the end of the session which actually seemed pretty doable.


Deadlifts/Bench Press/Squats. Oldman of 333lbs on the deadlift, which I was pretty happy about. Benchpress was nothing special, and squat was pretty low.


Spin Bike, One Hour

Who am I, even? I haven't done this in over two years, I don't even have to look to double check that. Long day filled with a lot of more important things, so I just was able to duck out for an hour to sweat all over the place and make stupid faces.


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Mostly worked on the overhanging wall, and that damn V7. Good progress, but no send. Thought it may have been undercooked, but it may actually be pretty right on. The holds are small, and it's steep, so my grip strength gets sapped pretty quickly.


Green Mountain

Quick lap up Green. Getting sloppy out there!


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

My main goal was the new overhanging V7 I felt like I was getting close on. Good work towards it, but more work needed. I guess it really is pretty hard.

Strength Training

Deadlift/Bench Press/Squats/Weighted Pullups

Nothing really of note, just did what I felt I could do.

Green Mountain

Afterwards, another quick romp up Green Mountain. Someone has to check up on the turkeys.

Turkeys in Gregory Canyon
Turkeys in Gregory Canyon
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