La Sportiva Mountain Running Passion Team 2020

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Extremely excited to announce that I’ve joined the La Sportiva Mountain Running Passion Team for 2020! My first LaSpor kicks were a pair of rock boots I bought in high school (closing in on “before you were born” territory for some of you…) at Prime Climb in Connecticut – “Tom” (and others) who worked at my town’s Youth Services department introduced us to Connecticut’s trap rock outdoors, and one of the first climbing gyms in the country indoors – their selfless volunteer work changed my life.

Fast forward a few decades and here I am still wearing Sportivas, playing in the mountains, blurring the lines between mountain climbing and running, and having a hoot of a time pushing my personal levels of grit and endurance. Thanks to everyone who has followed my mis-adventures (more to come…) and thanks to La Sportiva for believing in me!

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