Gates of the Arctic National Park Guiding Photos

Igikpak smiling down on us clear on the other side of its massif. After a bit of riverside hiking, our group made it over a series of mountain passes dubbed "Skinny 'bou", and, "Talus Top". These Anglophone names may clue you into their fairly recent naming - most likely named by Alaska-based adventurer Roman Dial. My comments section should now come alive with, "Oh hey: I know Roman!", as the more I scratch the surface in my research of him, the more I realizse just how many people I know that MUST know him; how many lives he's touched. And for good reason: Roman has done some fun stuff out there, be it mountain biking, packrafting, mountaineering - you name it. Andrew Skurka did these passes with Roman during his 6-month Alaska Yukon Expedition. Always love to hear Andrew tell us a Roman tale, and I hope one day to hear *Roman* tell me a Roman tale, even if it's just in print. Concerning Igikpak (and I'll get this - and all of Roman's stories a little wrong, as happens with oral legends): Roman was on a trip to summit Igikpak and was looking up at the last towering pitch up the highest of the two delicate fingers that make up its summit. After 8,000'+ of climbing from the valley floor, their advancement was haulted: they couldn't climb the last pitch, because no one brought the clutch piece of rock pro for an OW crack: a beefy #6. (If you saw the terrain just to get to the base of a climb like this, I'd leave the #6 home as well.) Another Roman story: when Roman was young (say: 6? 8?) his Father left him a dirt bike and a .22 and told him, "Gotta go to work kid, stay out of trouble!".

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Some of my favorite photos from guiding out in the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in June of 2019. I’ll be updating this as I edit the photos.

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