Training Journal 4/8/19 – 4/14/19

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Fort Collins -> Boulder

Another ~PR on this direction, so that’s nice. Felt especially fast, and I wanted a bigger gear for most of the ride for sure. I should get on that. This was the first day I didn’t drop to a lower gear (from 42 x 19 to 32 x 19) for the punchy climb up on N. 83rd as you pass to the east of Rabbit Mountain.


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Plan was to work on the V5 that’s in the cave at the moment. After warming up on some steep stuff, that’s what I did, but no send – couldn’t even complete the moves – just not strong enough – stiff V5!

Afterwards, I did a bit of core, some pushups, and tried out my finger on the campus board, which felt fine. Everything except that finger though, felt a bit rusty.



The super storm that was supposed to hit  never really materialized, but I had this day as a work  day, just in case.


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Felt last Tuesday’s bouldering sess., so really didn’t perform great, but got a lot of time on the 45 degree wall, and did some V6’s outside of it.

Campus Board

Since the finger feels good, I’ll try to create a habit/routine for this. At the moment, I’m at: “Survive”

Finger Board

Short finger board session – a few “10 on, 20 off” sets or so, until I can’t really do this anymore. Nothing too complicated.


Pushups, dips, handstands. Mostly until I can’t do it well, as per usual


The kitchen sink of what I know what to do

Spin Bike, 2 hours

Whoo. Hard finish to a long gym day.


Spin Bike, 1 hour


Green x2

Started up Amphitheater, and then went down Long Canyon. For the second lap, I went up Amphitheater again, but just down Ranger/Gregory Canyon.

Perhaps, overdid it as afterwards, I started feeling some sciatic nerve pain. D’oh!


Easy stroll up Freeway

Took M. up Freeway as an easy, before-dinner hike. We had fun!

M. on Freeway
M. on Freeway

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