Training Journal 3/11/19 – 3/17/19

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Green Mountain

Good run. Cut short a bit, as I was planning on ascending Bear via Fern, then go back down Bear Canyon, before going back to the TH via Mesa. Just wasn’t feeling it, and it started snowing on me down Green Bear. Trail conditions are highly variable from: a mud feast on Mesa to: perfect toboggan run in the top of Green. So muddy on Mesa, it’s just kind of ridiculous to even travel on it, so I may just give it a break for a few weeks, if not months. I’ve never seen it so bad.


Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

Finger feeling better, so that’s nice. Session centered around working on a V5 I couldn’t do last session. With a bit of beta tips, I managed to do it, without too much trouble. (yay.).

Afterwards, I roped up with Martha, and got on the hands/fists crack for three laps, then finished things up doing a pretty sloppy job on a .11d, which I somehow managed to top.

Did a few errands in collecting gear for next week’s trip, including a quick ride to Eldorado Springs, but I don’t like333333333333333



The Super Winter Storm Cyclone Bomb, or whatever, seemed to close the entire state, and I didn’t manage to even really get outside. Boulder wasn’t hit too hard – maybe 2″ by the house?


Bouldering @ Movement 2 hours

I would have liked to have gotten a partner to get on some routes, but bouldering would have to do. Felt, for the first time, almost strong – that V5 that took sessions to top could now be done first try.

Left middle finger seems to finally have turned a corner and has gotten more healed than hurt. Rejoice! The next week of almost only crack climbing should seal that healing up, while keeping the rest of me feeling pretty in-form.

Spin Bike, 2 hours


Green Mountain, up Amphi, down Long Canyon

Nice coverage on the front side of stuff, but a little too much snow on the backside – I was essentially post-holing down the West Ridge trail to the road, then got freshies going down Long Canyon. Made the run more of a fun slog. Felt, perhaps, more like May than March.

Bike ride up felt pretty tired. Run also felt a little less than fresh. I may be due for a little rest in doing stuff concerning my legs, which is convenient because…


Indian Creek – Selfish Wall

Friday night, we drove (I KNOW! Me in a car…) and started our Indian Creek trip at the Selfish Wall. Got on Hand Solo on TR, then a very shaky lead, before moving to The Ooze for another TR burn (for me). Getting, I guess, in some form of crack shape. Feeling great being a total beginner at something (again!)


Indian Creek – Original Meat Wall

First was Ladies First on TR, then Right Arm on TR, which I did not finish (150′!).  Ladies first was engaging and challenging. Right Arm shut me down with some rattly finger locks and hard feet. That last climb was enough to tire me out. Fun chimney/roof section thing, which all took place within a crack, if that makes sense.

Crack climbing is certainly a new language for me, but I’m psyched to be out here, trying as hard as I think I can, and learning a ton about the climbing and the area. It’s a little sad that I’ll never really find this area accessible to ride a bike to, as the highway in is just too dangerous to do this safely.

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