Training Journal 1/21/19 – 1/27/19

Longs Peak from Estes Park

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Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

This session started out pretty shitty – not very motivated, seemed like a high gravity sort of day. Left middle finger seemed a bit too sore for me to climb on it, and I wondered if I should had called it before I had started.

But, I decided to persevere and keep on going, trying to find something interesting enough to work on that wouldn’t hurt my finger too much. I gravitated towards my V6 problem though (like ya do), and it felt pretty doable, so I yet again decided to invest my session towards sending it.

Surprisingly to me, after a few attempts, I did!  And of course, when I did, it felt completely in control and effortless. No footage – I was too nervous to try to capture it.

The sequence is burned into my head: L foot on good high foothold, R foot on nothing L hand 1 higher and to the left, R hand above left foothold; crimp like all hell with R hand, cross over L hand to difficult sidepull; R foot to hold above hand holds; R hand to far off sidepull; L hand onto OK sidepull above and to the right – maintain composure – R hand up to mini rest on OK hold; bump R hand to better hold; L foot to bad foot; rock over that to crimp with L hand – control swing – match with R hand on another crimp right besides the L one; move L foot onto OK foot + rock over to get another crimp for R; move R foot up to marginal foot; rotate R foot to point right + L foot up to bad foot – focus and grab yet another crimp with your L hand – remember to breath; move R foot up to good foothold; one more crimp for your R hand + crimp for your L hand and top out.

Took the rest of the session just to play about, then took myself out for lunch!

No time for cardio stuff (sad face), but did 7 sets of 5 pull ups once back at home while working. Left middle finger is now terribly, terribly, sore, so I’ll probably be taking a little break from bouldering/hard climbing.


2 hours, spin bike


Although I would usually boulder/climb after a day off from doing those types of things, I decided to give my finger a little more rest. It’s particularly tender in swollen in the morning when I’m still laying down, and gets noticeably better once I’m up. ROM is not so good. But, since I had time after errands:

Bear Peak

Fun little romp up Bear. What a great peak in the snow. Quite a few drifts on the trail that made for slow going up, but the Stravas said I went particularly fast (relatively), which I sincerely question – I’m just not in great running shape (or at least don’t feel I am). Pretty fast going down – practically skiing it.

And like always, I flubbed up getting to the trailhead, and headed down to Crags.


Boulder @ Movement, 2 hours

A particularly terrible session, nothing really accomplished. Everything felt hard and I felt pretty weak. A little defensive while climbing in re: of my left middle finger which feels pretty tender. Taking an extra day off really wasn’t enough – I may not restart bouldering until this finger feels a bit better. Maybe just stick to easy climbing?


Boulder -> Estes Park -> Fort Collins

An all-day ride in the mountains to Fort Collins – sort of the, “back way”, and far more challenging than keeping it on the plains. Good way to keep in shape for a potential Self-Powered Longs Peak Project.

Ride started up Lee Hill -> Olde Stagecoach -> James Canyon -> Peak to Peak Highway. Overland road gets very  steep at its apex, and I found myself paperboying up the hill, riding my 32x19t gear ratio. Once on Peak to Peak, the full brunt of the wind made itself felt. I kept my clothing pretty minimal, but put on neoprene booties, and zipped up my pogies. This seemed to really help my entire body keep warm without overheating – seems that the most important thing to take care of all the extremities. Good to know, since putting on too many layers while riding is a great way to overhead, then sweat;  becoming clammy cold later.

Once on Peak to Peak, I pedaled to Estes Park for coffee, then visiting the hamlet of Glen Haven, before taking HW34 back to the hinterlands of Fort Collins. Lots of construction on HW34, which was less than ideal. My ride though, wasn’t over yet, as there were many punchy climbs up and over the foothills west of Fort Collins to negotiate, before getting back on the plains.

All and all a fairly amazing ride – for a road ride (we’re pretty spoiled, around here). Road conditions for the most part were adequately safe, although a bit sloppy. Nice to get that much elevation and mileage in a Winter day.

Longs Peak from Estes Park

Longs Peak from Estes Park




Boulder -> Fort Collins

Spinned back town the “easy” way. Slight change from my previous ride back, as I took the gravel road next to the Boulder Res., instead of staying on Niwot to HW36. I think that’s the better way, and cuts down some elevation/is faster.

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