Training Journal 11/19/18- 11/25/18

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Legs a little tight – I think from the running I did on Saturday? Lame excuse, but big plans later in the week, so a little time off doesn’t hurt.


Bouldering @ Movement, 3 hours.

After warming up on the overhanging wall, I did some work on the V7 I’m projecting – which is still funny to write, as it’s not really in my wheelhouse. Got perhaps a micron farther in progress in the hour or so I worked on it before getting too tired. Still have high hopes I can finish it in the next few weeks.

Then, sampled the new set, which were shit-hard. Managed nothing but a very hard V4, which starts on a slippery sloper (just one!) set awkwardly low, to an undercling you can attempt to stand up on, to nothing but about 7 additional slippery slopers. Brutal.


Core Work

and some additional pullups/frenchies at a very wide grip to help out on that V7.


Green Mountain x 3

Up Amphitheater/Saddle Rock/Greenman, down Ranger/Gregory

Power hiked most of the up, ran most of the down. Third lap was a doozy, as the first two laps I guess were done too quickly for going up/down thrice. Had to sit down a coupla times   on that last lap both up and down, but got ‘er done. Felt a little embarrassed at the effort, to the point that I thought maybe I was… sick? Or something. I’ve done this thirteen times in a row, before! I should be able to do three in a row whenever pretty easily, I had wagered. Sigh.

First time using screws in my shoes. A lot more flexible than microspikes, which are a pain to take on and off those small sections of bare ground. You run the risk of ruining them quite quickly if you don’t – or just inevitably dull them prematurely, which hurts, as those things ain’t cheap! (but screws are!). Not as much control as microspikes though – I may put more in and just try to adapt to the lack of control – it’s sort of fun!


Bouldering @ Movement 2 1/2+ hours

After a tough warmup on the overhanging wall, worked on a V7 on the same wall. Got perhaps a half move farther in, but starting from the beginning of the problem, rather than a few moves in. Happy, but it’s a difficult problem for me. Frustrating, but I’m not trying to cry too much about it.

Did a bit more bouldering about a easier problems, practically spent, thinking that maybe trying easier problems tired would be good use of my time. Not so sure about that.

Core Work

I’ve been trying to supplement practice on the V7 with some movements I think would be beneficial – specifically: wide grip pullup/Frenchies. This was the first season I could muster a complete “rep” of Frenchies: 4 pullups, paused at 4 different places. Small gains.

Spin Bike, 2 hours

Pretty spend after about an hour and a half, but soldiered on.



Work day, mostly.


Bouldering @ Movement, 3 hours

Left the V7 proj. mostly alone, for whatever reason, and focused on some tricky boulders I’ve been neglecting. A fair amount accomplished, but nothing terribly noteworthy. Not particularly inspired on the boulders at the moment, hopefully I can do some routes next week.

Core Work

Spin Bike, 2 hours


All in all, a pretty blasé week. My plans for a 4 day bikepacking trip were scrapped because of weather, the hike I was bikepacking up for was also canceled, so I had to be flexible. So it goes.

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