Training Journal 10/05/18 – 11/11/18

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Woo – hectic day. Managed just a two hour spin


Climbing @ Movement

Fairly chill sess. Managed the 5.11 on the lead wall first go – felt easy. Did a 5.12b proj. with only one fall. Saw Tony in the bouldering cave of all places – one of the last places I thought I’d ever see him. Then again he used to poo poo bikes… so I’d watch out…


Woke up feeling on the verge of a head cold, so called it, and stayed indoors to rest.


Climbing @ Movement

Intentions today were to lead a 12a (led 2, fell once on both), an 11b on the lead wall (fell at the last hold), jump on a 5.12c (jumped on two, one twice. The last one I fell only once both times). Good day climbing on hard stuff. More of this! Felt much better than yesterday.

Later: 1 hour on spin bike


Green Mountain via the Third

Surprise PR on the East Face of the Third Flatiron! Sub 10:00, so that’s nice. Just hauled up as fast as possible, I barely noticed where I was going, except for the thin last pitch, where I simply shot up the damn thing.

Then, summited Green. Felt almost like a workout today – had a certain spring in my step I’ve been missing for a little while. Getting over being sick? Just a bit better shape? Good things to come?!?!


Bouldering @ Movement 2+ hours

Redemption! Finally topped a tricky V2 (V2!) on essentially the first go, then finished up a trickier V3, V4, then V5.

Worked on, then topped a thin V6 on the 45 overhang wall, so all in all: a good day. What a difference a week makes.

Core Work

Spin Bike, 2 Hours



Snowing! I slept in to a considerable extent, then re-worked editing my Pikes Peak bikepacking video. Pretty much finished up, and rendering as we speak!

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