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I was on a bike ride (of course!) and had just crested my high point for the day, when I received a call about working with Boa Closure System on testing some of their new designs. They needed someone that could abuse their gear and see just what the limits of their designs might be. It’s not much of a secret that my bike/gear and I sometimes go to then ends of the Earth and back in the name of fun and adventure. Naturally, it turned out to be a great fit, and I’ve used shoes w/Boa-equipped dials for my successful Tour Divide on a single speed MTB, as well as my own ultra adventure FKT around Colorado: The Tour 14er. To this day, I have yet to break a Boa dial after thousands upon thousands of miles pedaled – the rest of the shoe literally falling apart around these perfectly functioning dials. They are true engineering masterpieces. I beg to equip all my shoes with Boa dials.

Boa has just released a series of short films, to help tell the extremely varied and poignant stories from some of their most dedicated users. Here’s mine – it gives you a little slice of what it’s like to perhaps go on one of those long rides of mine that starts at sunrise and only pauses when the sun again starts to set; nothing but a great expanse of scenery to breathe in, and nothing needed to do, but ride slowly and consciously through it. If only the rest of life could be so simple. Thank you Boa Closure System for your continued support. It’s a honor to help you out with your testing, experiments and R&D, and it was a privilege to be featured in your Transform Your Experience series. I remain a devote fan of the entire Boa Closure System family.

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