3/30/15 – 4/5/15

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Royal Arch

Monday, March 30th, 2015 – Keyhole (S), Longs Peak TH -> Boulder (S)

Broke camp a little later than anticipated – the wind was blowing quite fiercely during the night, and the moon’s light was indeed piercing, leaving me to not have the best sleep time. Nevertheless, hiked up on tired legs towards the Keyhole without too much bother, although the wind was a bit blustery. 

At the Keyhole, I took a few minutes looking for my lost ice axe but with no real luck – I didn’t think I would, anyways, but you have to try. The bigger bummer being that it would have def. been a summit day. But no axe = no summit for Justin. 

Ran back to the trailhead, and got on the bike to get back home to Boulder. Made pretty amazon time with the wind now at my back, although hit some construction on St. Vrain Canyon, that had me sitting around for 20 minutes, waiting for the road to open again. 

Tue – Wed – Thur: Rest from Running

Felt entirely beat up, so I took a few days off from running, but was at the gym on Tue. and Thur. bouldering. Left wrist still hurting and getting worse. Nothing particularly interesting to report: it’s playing on plastic things, indoors. 

Friday, April 3rd, 2015 – Flagstaff, Green Mountain (S)

Took off from work somewhat early to cruise the mountains. Felt pretty good. 

Saturday, April 4th, 2015 – Green x2 (S)

Made a sub-hour (51:53) ascent of Green Mountain via Gregory/Ranger/E.M. Greenman, then a 

21:50 effort back to the Gregory Trailhead. Not bad. The next lap I did via a unmapped trail to the base of the First Flatironette -> First Flatironette -> around the First Flatiron, and then the social trail behind the Sunset Flatiron. Descent was done down that same social trail, and then another social trail that shadows… um, other trails. The park was booming was people, and taking these little known trails was a relief to both me, and the people I’m going Mach 3 around. 

In the evening, took a hike up to Royal Arch with my hunny, along with a bottle of wine, which turned into summiting Royal Arch via the East Face, which was quite easy, even with a bit of vino in the blood. 

Sunday, April 5th, 2015 – Mesa Trail N -> S, Sobo/Bear

Woke up pretty sore, but decided some sustained running was in order, before getting some elevation, so ran the entirety of the Mesa Trail from Chautaugua to the southern terminus, then retraced my way a bit to Shadow Canyon to summit South Boulder Peak and Bear Peak, before going down Fern Canyon, and hooking up with the Mesa Trail again to Chautaugua. Would have tagged Green Mountain as well, but! I was running outta time, as we have planned to go back to Turkey Rocks this evening to do a few more days of crack climbing. 

Total Running: 47.7 miles, 18,573 ft climbing
Total Cycling: 41.7 miles, 1,622 
ft climbing

Despite taking three days off of running, did a descent job with total miles and elevation gain. Wanted a little more, but happy nonetheless. Felt like taking so much time off was a good idea, as I came back rested and relaxed, with three solid days of running. Just got back from Turkey Rocks after a few days of rest from running, so I’m slightly tired from traveling and hopeful for the rest of the week!

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