1/12/15 – 1/18/15

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Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. This is what you get, when you lose your temper!

Monday, January 12th, 2015 Trainer @Movement, + Core Work

I had developed a finger injury, while trying a 5.11a on the lead wall the other week. So I couldn’t really do much bouldering this morning. Instead I rode the trainer for a bit, then did a good heap of core work. It’s literally the only time I now pick up a weight for working out (although most of my core work is still done with just my bodyweight). 

The theory is, since I have wimpy arms and I don’t want to develop huge muscles, having a strong core could compensate, or at least allow myself to use my upper body as efficient as possible. As I type this, it all sounds like b.s., but I’m going to follow it, for now. What’s the worst that could happen? Nice abs

Implemented some pullup stuff as well, and working on the campus board – except instead of using the campus… rungs? I just use these huge buckets of holds, so it’s simply hitting my back, rather than working on my grip. Fingers were mightily taped up, but I’m sure I was doing some sort of strain on them, anyways. Bad, Justin. 


Up + down via the social trail. 
Think I ran into Tony, hikin’ up to his 1,000th life ascent of Green (as he writes). Great job, man. I remember reading blog entries from him, where he beings running in Boulder, and laments that the trails aren’t as buff as they are in Colorado Springs. Then, this sea-change happens, and the dude doesn’t see obstacles as something to avoid, but instead something to cleverly overcome – and bam! He’s running up Flatirons. Totally impressive. 

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