Training Log – 11/24/14 – 11/30/14

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Oh man, this thing.


Feeling a bit better this week, just putting in the time training for Potrero!

Monday, November 24th, Climbing Gym


Still in the throes of this cold, ugh. Most of the problems I’ve done before, went again if I tried, but doing anything new was just silly ridiculous to even attempt, my balance was so entirely off. Got shot down on a V1 (a V1!), which seemed like a pretty interesting problem, and something I’ll try again, before the week’s through. (!Ah! It wasn’t a V1, but a V3, overhanging routes are challenging for me. Not to make excuses, but I’m hitting 180 lbs these days! Some meaty thighs, I tells ya)


Moved over to Frenchies, hangboarding and core work, which I thought wouldn’t take as much balance. Oh, how wrong I was. Fell a few times doing Side Planks w/Rotation. Hilarious.


As usual though, some inspiring climbs done by other climbers. I’m always humbled at others at this gym.


Tuesday, November 25th, Flagstaff, Green, 9.5 miles (Strava)
Felt mostly alright – wanted to be out a little more tonight, but my head torch decided to call it on top of Green leading me with a bit of a predicament in how to get down… Bastard thing has a thirst for lithiums, that I just can’t always meet its expectations with.
Wednesday, November 26th, Climbing Gym (bouldering)
Another day of puttin’ in the miles, pulling on plastic holds. 5:00am is an early wake up call to hit the gym, before work. Felt pretty achey, which isn’t super surprising given the sessions I’ve had this week. Had my sites to just work on that V3 I was having trouble with, but I don’t think I even gave it one go. Had a bad time failing again and again on a V4 I thought I had wired. Every time I fell, my inner hip (is that a location?) would hurt, so one of the challenges on this route seems to be a flexibility issue with myself. Another V4 – a very short stemming problem on large slopers, finally saw a downclimb from me, which made me sort of happy. No additional exercises today, I wanted to just climb as much as I could.
Thursday, November 27th – Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday, November 28th – Denver Bouldering Club
Definitely a fan of this gym. After getting pretty bored at the bouldering area at Boulder’s Movement, it’s nice to have such a variety of problems, everything from slabs to overhangs. Health-wise, I felt pretty OK (finally), and I stayed a good 4 1/2 hours working on moderate problems, until moving on to the rock wall treadmill w/an added weight vest, to do some ahem, “Hyper Gravity” training – as if my 180 lb frame needed more weight added to it. If I was riding a bike, I would say I was having “good sensations” in my arms – just felt like a good, quality time, and getting loads of confidence for Mexico. Contrast this with only a week ago, where I balked on even attempting a 5.9 lead climb.


Oh man, this thing.




Saturday, November 29th – Run, 14.3 Miles (Strava)
I’m house sitting/dog sitting at the moment, so a bit away from the mountains. “Hey, let’s run the local roads”, sounds like a fine plan – after all, that’s one of the pros to running: you can do it anywhere, no excuses; and getting ready means putting on shoes – that even beats riding a bike, where there seems to inevitably be something to be done on the bike.
I haven’t run on pavement in any real distance since… maybe… The Mt Evans Hill Climb in June – it’s trails-only for the majority of my runs. It’s always interesting to see the differences in my pace. An < 8:30 pace over 14 miles is something I’ll certainly take, coming out of a head cold, and not having run on roads for so long. Pretty pleased. My goal is to get this down quite a bit in the next, almost 7 months, as I prepare for my first, and most likely only, trail “ultra” race next year. Training for that isn’t going to happen in earnest until after Mexico though.
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