2/10 – 2/16

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A fairly mellow week – the Skyline Traverse from last week sort of took quite a bit out of me. I was also out of town for the last three days (brought my running and rocks shoes!).

Hoped to get into the mountains, but the weather (winds!) kept me out. Just as well. Always nice to get a little break. Good times climbing on fake plastic rocks indoors: Another few 5.11’s clumsily topped out on, some good intermediate bouldering problems uh… also topped out on, shaky-like.

1/10 – Green

Thought I could “recover” from doing the Boulder Skyline Traverse by “hiking” this route, with a 45 Liter pack with all the gear I needed for the rest of the day, so I didn’t need to make a trip home after hiking for working and climbing. That turned out to be somewhat a lot of gear to porter around…

I stashed my pack around the Sunset Flatirons, as I – well, had to get back to the big ol’ city to work, before making the summit, and I wanted to make the summit sometime that morning. My hope was that I could just fly down back, but my legs proved to not want to do that.  Bumped into the first person on this cross country route above the 1st ever. Nice to exchange pleasantries.

1/16 – road run

Hung out this weekend in Arvada with friends that are akin to family for me. I had a very overdue art project to work on, and just generally wanted to  hang out. My friend’s not feeling all too well (but, looks like they’re pulling through!) Really remarkable people, who’ve let me stay with them for longer than I really should have. Don’t know how I’ll ever repay them, even after getting this art project for them is completed! First: lemme finish the art. Sigh.

Slightly underwhelming in performance run for me on the flats. Calves were pretty sore afterwards, as pavement and concrete are usually not the types of things I trot on.  No real idea why I thought minimal shoes were a good idea to bring. Eyed a nice 10% grade on a hill going south on Lowell, decided that the next day (Monday), I’d give it hell. I guess, well: stay tuned.

Week total on my feet: 14.2 miles, 3,047 feet of elevation
Week total on the bike: 0.

Pretty “weak” week in general, but it’s no big deal, as these numbers lie. I’m not counting general cycling around, or – like this week: general riding around with a large pack w/40lbs of gear. I’m also not counting some leisurely hikes in the mountains, as that would be weird to record. 3x at the climbing gym is good stuff. I’m really happy at how I’m progressing.

Next week, I think I’ll kick some f’n ass. Tomorrow (wed) I’ll try to break 45:00 going up Bear Canyon to Green Bear, to the summit of Green. Got a few minutes to shave off, let’s see if conditions will favor my attempt. Love to get up high, but the winds are have continued to be as brutal as the avalanche conditions. Gotta get some work done on the ol’ bike to make it through the winter. Dreams of fancy new bikes for the summer…

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