Watch Mike’s Colorado Trail Race Video!

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Mike DeBernardo and I started on the Denver end of the trail this year on the Colorado Trail Race. Funnily, we found ourselves as the only two people starting out on the Denver end of the trail this year for the Grand Départ – everyone else – almost 75 people!  decided to start off on the Durango things for no other reason than to change things up.


What that did afford both of us, was to meet practically everyone coming the other way!


Mike had the foresight to bring along a camera to snap some footage of his time on the trail, and do some micro interviews with all the heavily sleep-deprived racers (while also himself being in similar conditions!). He’s finished editing everything together, and it’s ready to watch, below:



You may see me in a few shots – there’s def. a “no hands!” to, “0 mph crash” courtesy of Yours Truly. Good job, Mike!

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