Training: April 21st – Aprile 28th

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I realize that if I don’t write anything here, it looks like I’m not doing anything! Which is hardly the case – I’m just not doing anything overly exciting. To me. But, bikes get ridden, trails get run. I guess I’ll try to list my non-epic errands I do, to get ready for (mis)-adventure: 

The week before was a total wash, as I started the Arizona Trail Race 750, and quickly had to bail, and make it back to Denver. More on that later. This week was more of an attempt re-introduce myself into riding/running, as I had an extra-long break. Didn’t know how my body would react!

Monday – nothing. It was snowing or something. Still had some GI issues. Was busy. Whatever my excuse was.

Tuesday – still snowing, took a run – 10 miles, 8:01 pace, around the ‘hood. VERY surprised at my pace, I don’t run much faster, on road courses, being a beginner in running. Made me believe the bug I had is on its way out.

Wednesday – Run again  – 7.4 miles, 8:30 pace, around the ‘hood. Happy to link up multiple days of moving. A little sore, but the pace wasn’t too bad.

Thursday – nothing except a bike commute ~ 20 miles? I don’t tend to keep track of that stuff.

Friday – Bike Ride – 46.9 miles to and around Cherry Creek Reservoir – the easiest regular ride I do. Felt good! Pretty good average pace at 17mph, considering I’m on a 42 x 17t singlespeed w/35mm Small Block 8’s and I’m carrying all my gear for working and the gym (I usually am loaded down in some way). Felt good. Went to the gym afterwards, but that was cut short, as I had a little pain in my shoulder while doing dips. Decided not to push it. Couldn’t… really anyways.

Saturday – Bike Ride, Golden, up Lookout Mt., then home – another fast day (it felt), same bike – changed into a 38:19 gear ratio for the uphill. Made some great time up and down. Basically confirmed my form is pretty good right now! Guess that rest did some good and/or, I was well prepared for the AZTR 750. A lot of new cycling enthusiasts everywhere performing their, “0mph crash, while trying to click out of fancy new bike shoes” Been there, one that. 

Sunday – Ride to Boulder (25 miles) , same 42x17t singlespeed to Chataqua, and then run/hike up Green Mountain (5.4 miles)

Ride was nice, a bit blustery, but still felt strong. The bus stop that serves the BV route to  Boulder is ~ 7 miles away from the house and I sometimes take it, but it’s actually faster just to ride there – especially on Sunday, when bus service isn’t so regular.

Was going to take the, “easy” way up Green, but I said, “what the hell”, and went up Gregory Canyon, as I love pain and I’m not the most enthusastic runner (and would rather hike-fast).

As I expected, I relented to hiking much earlier than I usually do (good effort in the past few days, plus I had just ridden 25 miles right beforehand), but finished up strong, despite the snow on the top.

Being Boulder, and being Sunday, it was circus at Chataqua and Boulder Mt. Parks. There was a dude splayed at the last, like, 4 feet of the Green Mountain Trail – right on the Summit Block – not on top of it, like in the middle of it. I literally hopped over him to make the peak, and then hopped over him going down. Amateur hour. Descending was beyond fun, as I’m getting used to pushing the speed when the gradient isn’t too extreme and then literally jumping off each ledge rock to the next, when the grade gets steep. A bit too many, “look at that!” comments from the lovely tourists, but I was sort of impressed myself with the barely-in-control falling off the mountain. Actually surprised I made it up Green in ~41:00 – Strava says that’s my best, but I question its bookkeeping. Would like to crack sub 40:00, which, with a bit of pacing, rather than dying trying to go as fast up while running at the beginning, should mean being faster at the top (A little less snow would be nice, too). 

So, everything felt good  – great, even! Like, leveling-up on my speed great, except the shoulder, which should just fix itself, if I give it rest. A good re-intro in moving the body – 3 good bike rides, 3 good runs, one day at the gym. Hoping for some overnight trips this week, but the weather and my schedule in my other lives doesn’t look like it’s going to allow that. I’ll figure out something. Maybe try to sneak in a longer ride and some climbing of some sort outside.

Next, “race” is on the 26th 18th in Salida – 125 mile gravel grinder, which has some undulating terrain, with a stout climb at the beginning/end. Plan is to destroy the first climb, hold steady for the next 100-odd miles, and destroy the final climb. I need some long days in the saddle in some time for acclimatization, but it should be a good showing, for me.


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10 years ago

Hey Justin, what gravel grinder is on the 26th?

10 years ago

Whoops! The one I was thinking of, is a week earlier, on the 18th! It’s the Dirty Double Fondo. Race details:

10 years ago

Thats what I was thinking you were talking about. I won’t be able to make that one, but you got me a little excited about the prospect of one a week later 😉