Week of April 17th – April 24th “Training” Log

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4/17/11 to 4/24/11 Bike Rides!

  • Sunday: Rest?
  • Mon/Tue/Wed: total of 73 miles
  • Thursday: Rest?
  • Friday: 94 Miles
  • Saturday: 43 Miles

Total Mileage: 210 Miles

Except for Friday’s crushing 94 miles, this was a pretty chill week. I had planned much more epic trips, but they didn’t quite materialize, if not for me not being ready, because the weather last week, sucked. The winds have been brutal and there was talk of snow, which makes riding in the mountains a little iffy. I also turned 30 on one of these days and I don’t do birthdays well.

I always ways feeling the onset of overtraining, so I thought best to ease the mileage down so not to burn myself out.

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