Week of April 10th – April 16th “Training” Log

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Week of Cycling, as Captured from the SPOT II

I took the SPOT II tracker with me for all my rides this week (I think?) and have it record my progress. The tracks are a little disappointing in their resolution, but it may be partly the fault of my placement of the device – either in the feedbag of my top tube, or in the upper pocket of my hiking pack. We’ll work on it.

This week’s rides were all done on the fancy new All Terrain Bicycle of which I have yet to talk about and two days of rides were doing minimally, but heavily, loaded – including trailer (the BOB Yak Boat Anchor).

  • Sunday – Can’t remember. I don’t think I rode any appreciable distance
  • Monday/Tuesday – Ride to RMNP, overnighter, 8 mile hike up Twin Sisters Peak and ride down – 162 miles
  • Wednesday – Rest!
  • Thursday/Friday/Saturday – 149 miles in total. Two trips on Thur. and Sat.. (those purple tracks). Fri was basically a rest day

Total Mileage: 311 Miles

A little less mileage the usual, but that’s to be expected, as the terrain now includes, as they say, the off road and haulin’ a trailer is a good way to take off a 1/3 of your usual speed. The wind this week has also been incredibly blustery. Great training, but man, does it beat you up.

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