Week of March 6th – March 12th “Training” Log

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  • Sunday: Rest! – 12 miles
  • Monday: 14er Attempt, Quandary
  • Tuesday: Rest!  – 15 miles
  • Wednesday: Ride to Redrocks, Hike/Run Mt. Morrison, via the South Ridge Route, ride back home – 52 miles
  • Thursday: Rest! 5 miles
  • Friday: Ride to Boulder, few hours at The Spot, bouldering Gym, ride home –  100 miles
  • Saturday: 1 1/2 hours on the trainer (not included in total), plus 2 miles outside.

Total Mileage: 186 miles

Saturday, I felt pretty bruised and spent. Had a gigantic, fattening meal of several takeout entrees from Peter’s Chinese and promptly passed out around 9:00 pm – if not earlier.

Weighed in on Friday at around 179 lbs, my weight at the new year was more like 185 lbs. Kind of obvious why that is.

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