Week of February 5th – February 12th “Training” Log

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This week I did nothing that really fits into a report. Basically, I
took the week off – I felt achy and tired and I’ve been killing it. Time
for a break. I’m extremely excited at how well the first “month” of
“training” went – I feel in good form and happy that there’s 5 months
more to go to get into better form.

Not to say I hadn’t been
riding – Monday found me in 6+inches of newly fallen snow, attempting to
make the best of it in adverse riding conditions. But, like most of the
week, it was only errands, even if the errands added up to >30

The rest of the week was similar, culminating in
today’s little ride out to Arvada w/trailer to find supplies for my next
performance piece, which will be in a week.

Next week, I MAY
take a huge ride on Tues. to Boulder, try to summit three (small) peaks
and then head home, but I don’t know if I’ll really have time for such
things – the thing for Sat. will probably have me busy attempting to
figure out all the art stuff.

Saturday already has me
double-booked, as I have the art performance for hours, with my only
break being marching band duties. My cymbals on Thur. gig were around
5lbs each, no joke.

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