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Wednesday: 2 hours on rollers.

I managed to crack the frame on my Surly Steamroller again. Same place as before, when John was kind enough to weld it back together. The weld held for years of me
abusing the frame. I have no money for a
comparable frame, especially since I want to buy an MTB to end all
MTB’s, so we’ll just have to see what happens and troll CL.

Up at 6:30am, was going to ride the Steamroller, but found the crack,
so rode my touring rig in the snow-ish environment. It had snowed the
day before. Here’s something funny:

Denver doesn’t seem to be
plowing anything other than major streets (and even then it’s iffy) BUT,
it does plow the bike paths. TAKE THAT, PORTLANDIA!

Road just
to Cherry Creek Res., turned around, did the loop again and back home.
Took ~ three hours, a little more than my 1hr 40-something time trial.

THEN, went to the gym and:

Row-Machined: 20 min,
attempting to do 5,000 meters in 20 min. Got a stitch in my side and my
bike shoes weren’t the best interface to the foot rests, so that was a
no go. I had eaten at the halfway point of my ride, knowing I was going
to go to the gym and I didn’t want to collapse. Aw, well.

it sort of easy at the gym after that – I didn’t know the usuals on
Friday, and they seemed *strange* to me, I like my usuals on Wednesday,
since I know them all, at least by sight. So, I did a pretty normal

Squats: Started with 95lbs. Yes. And did sets of 10,
adding 10lbs per set, until I couldn’t do a set of 10 in perfect form. I
think I got up to 135 pounds. Not much, but after, you know, 3 1/2
hours of using my legs to propel myself, that’s fine.

same idea: Started with 135lbs and did a set of 10, and went up, 20lbs
per set, up to 195lbs, far below my 1rep, but working on endurance,
that’s the type I want to do. My form feels great and my core feels
really really stronger…er than it has.

5-ish sets of 8 dips
5-ish sets of 5 pullups

1 wall sit for a minute (felt pretty spent)
1 plank for a minute
2 side planks for 30 seconds
3 x 15 leg raises

and rode home.

did cramped up around 11:30pm last night, so walked a mile or so to the
movie theatre and gorged myself on popcorn while watching Hedwhig and
then road slowly home.

Pretty tired today, so I’m takin’ it easy – gonna try to squeeze some sort of ride in tomorrow.

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