Training Log 1/27/11

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Wed: Rest. Yeah, rest!

Gym, weigh in @ 183lbs.

Ran to the gym a full minute faster (20 min) than last time.

Rowing for 5,000 meters – around 20…3? minutes?
5 sets of 20 seconds of pushups, then 30 seconds jump rope, no rest between sets.
5 sets of 20 seconds of Wall ball, 10 second rest
three times around the tiny basketball court (with rest in between) of walking lunges holding 10lbs in each hand.
5 sets of 10 deadlifts at a paltry 135lbs w/5 sets of kipping pullups interspersed
3, 1 minute planks. You just hang out in that position.

then, I ran home – but went around City Park, before heading back. That
took ~ 50 minutes. Never have a run so much in one day – as pathetic as
it sounds.

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