Training Log 1/25/11

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1/24/11: Rest

: I thought it’d be fun to see how fast I could
go from REI, around Cherry Creek and back, time trial mode. My road bike
is out of commission with a broken shifter and my touring bike is too
slow to really make this any fun, so I just used my brakeless fixed

I wasn’t expecting much, especially with the long ride on
Sunday, but maybe I could get a baseline to work with and see if I’m
progressing at speed, or whatever. It’s a relatively flat route, but
there are some tiny hills, that will sap my time.

Managed to do it in 1hr 42min – cripes! From where I started, it’s around 33.4 miles (so says Google Maps),
which gives me a average speed of 19.6 mph. Heh, that included a small
pee break, someone attempting to race me  on the trail and me
throwing up, just slightly

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