Training Journal: 1/16/23 – 1/22/23

ECR Ramblins

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Yoga (Flow)

Good times, feeling almost 1% competent!

Bouldering @ Movement: 1hr

Good session, after a few lackluster sessions on the blocks. Finally topped a hard (for me) V5, then a V6 in short order with some beta breaking moves, then a repeat of a V7 that I thought was a little soft

Spin, 1hr


Yoga (Flow)

My left lat cramped up (that’s a new experience) in one of those super pretzel-y one leg balance-y moves where you’ve got your foot in your hand and I almost fell over onto three other people. Best day ever.

Bouldering @ Movement: 2hr

A little tired from yesterday, but repeated that tricky V6 and worked on another tricky V6. Seems pretty hard. Feel that I may be getting more out of my time doing something a little more specific and structured like a hang board routine or something.

Green Mountain

A quick bop up the hill




Bouldering @ Movement 1hr

Worked on a very hard for me V6. Beginning is hard, next move is hard – everything is hard! Good trainer, though.

Spin, 1hr


Bouldering @ Movement 2hr

Rehash of all the hard stuff I’ve been doing, plus a little work on the V6 and V7 I haven’t done yet (not too much progress), then moved onto the new set. New V6s are all hard hard, new V7s seem a little easier, and there’s a one move, one handed dyno I can probably do on a good day.

Spin, 1hr


Pine Brook Ramblings on the ECR

Got pretty cold – phone turned off at the top, so I’m not sure total elevation, but not too much more climbing. Fun little wander. Should probably revisit the Escape Route up there are see if it’s to some destination of interest.

ECR Ramblins
ECR Ramblins


Green Mountain

Another quick bop. Nice day – albeit a bit cold

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