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The most popular trailheads in Colorado are getting harder to access by car. Timed entry systems, exorbitant parking fees, and inflexible shuttles are making things more difficult to access our Public Lands. There is a simple solution to bypass these problems. Ride a bike!

I’ll be focusing on some smaller route segments to help folks access their public lands, without a car (and without having to deal with these problems).

These trailhead restrictions impact lower income individuals more than higher income individuals – the latter of which have more flexible schedules for vacation time, and more money to spend on things like parking. Public Lands should be open, available, and accessible to EVERYONE.

I just started a stub for Quandary Peak and highlighted three routes to get to the trailhead – all of which start at public bus stops. I myself have taken buses from Boulder to Denver to then hike Quandary Peak.

At the Frisco Transit Station w/Bike
At the Frisco Transit Station w/Bike

Needing to reserve a date/time to then pay to park, then shuttle will start on on July 30th, 2021.

Here’s more information:

This page links to the inter-agency study guide: The Quandary Peak, McCullough Gulch, and Blue Lakes Trails and TrailheadsTransportation andVisitor Use Management Action Plan. No where in this plan did any of the agencies make the suggestion that it could be an option to make the TH easier to access by bicycle, or add bike lock up areas to the trailhead. The latter idea would be trivially easy and inexpensive.

This is a gross mistake by Summit County in my opinion, considering Breckenridge is only 8 miles away, and the stretch of CO-9 between the Quandary Trailhead and Breckenridge is also mapped out in Adventure Cycling’s TransAmerica Trail. People are riding past this trailhead and up Hoosier Pass during the summer months, already!

Local Summit County businesses also rent out bikes and ebikes both perfectly capable of getting to the trailhead. Cycling is great way to lower traffic congestion on busy corridors, while also offering yet another fun, healthy activity for visitors. Embrace the bike!

Quandary Peak in Spring, 2014
Quandary Peak in Spring, 2014
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