Training Journal 2/11/19 – 2/17/19

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Fort Collins –

Waited a little while in the morning for a localized snow squall to pass. A little cold, but a good ride, nonetheless. My back sprocket has a lock ring that keeps loosening up which causes my chain to fall off, so I need to find the tool to tighten that up.


Bouldering @ Movement, 1.5 hours

Felt a little stir crazy with not climbing for so long, so off to the climbing gym I went to test out the finger. After severely taping it up, I bouldered a bit, but it was apparent pretty soon that the finger was going to hold me back. Kept things relatively light, and ended a bit before I usually do. Kind of a blah session.



Core Work

Ankle PT Work

Two sets of 100, one set of 125 of my flexion/dorsiflexion balance board stuff (left leg only).

Again wanted to do a hangboard sess., but that area gets swamped with people, quickly.


Ring Green Mountain

Felt a little lame I didn’t get any aerobic work done yesterday (gym: swamped), so I thought I’d make this run a little longer than I’ve been doing lately. Ran Mesa Trail up to Bear Canyon, took that to West Ridge trail to Green Mountain summit; down the long way via Long Trail. Good 13 miles.

Trail conditions were fairly exquisite in all places except down low between Skunk Canyon (roughly) and right after NCAR – drainage in that area just isn’t the best, so a bit muddy.

But also almost warm out there, and I took advantage of going shirtless as much as I could (although the wind kicked up on the summit and it was certainly a bit too cold for such shenanigans).


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Climbing @ Movement w/Nolan, 2 hours

Nice session with Nolan, mostly just one top rope. A few .12’s one-hanged. Nothing big doin’. Got on the hands/fists crack once w/o tape and fell maybe once or twice. Tape helps me a lot, but I’d like to be able to do it without, as I think I’m using the tape to hide bad technique.

Left middle finger felt good-ish, but certainly not 100%, which is why I kept things chill, and only on TR.

Fort Collins –

Another ride up to Fort Collins, this time to see DeVotchKa! I’ve only seen them once before, but I’ve attempted to see them many, many other times in the past – only to be turned away because of a sold out show. The last time was at a music festival the group I was in was playing at. I stayed long after everyone else left to watch over our piles of gear. Their set that night was a bit weird as it was raining; much of their equipment was being touchy and shortening out. This night’s performance was one of my favorites, much to do with the company I had besides me.

Slowly chipping away at the time it takes me to get there, partly with better route choices, but also just getting a little faster. Still on 42/19, but the amount of times I have to simply coast on a slight downhill when I wish I could be pedaling is increasing.


Climbing @ Ascent in Fort Collins, 1 hour

Climbed with M for the first time – it was their first time climbing since perhaps October, so a pretty intense sess. in some ways. Tired from yesterday’s climb, and I had some terrible rental shoes which were less than useless, but whateve

After warming up, tried the finger crack, then the tight hand crack. Flailing on both quite profoundly. Ah: to be a beginner, again. Lots to learn technique-wise, I’d also like to try these cracks with my own shoes. I’m wondering how the lame rental shoes compare when it comes to protecting my feet when they’re jammed in tightly. I hope my La Sportivas do a better job, but maybe this is wishful thinking. I’ll have to save up quite a bit for some TC Pros – those usually just don’t fall out of trees.

Saturday + Sunday


I got an (appreciated) ride home from Fort Collins, as the weather turned a bit colder than I was equipped to handle, then snowed on Sunday. More important things, I guess, took priority.

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